I am pink inside

No matter the economy of the jungle, I can never eat grass, it’s not pride it’s who I am. Words with profound meaning I read somewhere. The author must have thought long and hard about the lion’s view of the world.  The memory of those words always rings in my mind when someone gets into my head.

I would describe myself as a watcher. I take my time to listen to what everyone is saying and look at what they are doing before I can jump into the band wagon. My little world has taught me a lot. The best of the lessons I’ve learned is that we live every day, write into our stories on our own and that as long as we are alive we hold the key to our happiness.
Society has changed a whole lot. I suspect the craziest thing one would say now is that women belong in the kitchen. I am willing to bet the maker of such remarks would be laughed down by billions of people.
Watching my significant other do his thing though, has quickly arisen my need for answers. Isn’t it possible that after all women should be home makers?  It’s funny that thought. It’s in fact the funniest thought I’ve had in a long time. You see, I do not believe a word in that sentence. No women belong where they are. Nothing about society should dictate what a woman can and cannot do.
There are no barriers that should be too high for any human to achieve that which is in their dreams. Dreams are that which no one can steal from a person. We may take away their dignity. We may question their entire being. But we shall never steal their dreams.
I see people in color. Men are darker colors and women brighter colors in my view. The softer a person is the softer the color I see in them. For instance, if I meet a particularly cheerful person they are yellow in my mind. A gentle person is pink and an honest person white.
It’s harrowing the direction we are taking our relationships to. Suddenly, no one wants to take responsibility of who they are. There is just too much competition. The fear of one being seen by the other as weak has quickly replaced reason in any meaningful relationships. Disturbingly real is the fact that even children are quickly learning the ropes of this business.

So I took a look at the mirror and decided, I am pink. I just cannot be cut throat like everyone else. I am pink. I cry when hurt, I laugh when happy. I choose to stay pink. I do not recover easily from any type of trauma because of the color of my soul. I cannot stand arguments or long fights. I like being called baby and being cuddled. I like gentle hugs from the ones I love. I love the gleeful laughter of babies when I do something nice for them.
I am a professional woman. It doesn’t change who I am. I do not look to change who I am. Smart beautiful and disciplined.
I will not find myself trading words with anyone without a good reason. I do not live in a cage. I am a free spirit, free to reach out for the stars. Without the need to compete with anyone, because I have my story to write. So you see, for he/ she who discerns it; no matter the economy of the jungle, I can never eat grass. It’s not pride, it’s who I am. That’s why I will remain in this color. I am pink and I love it.