Once upon a December…..

That’s the title of a song. The reason i even thought about using it is because of the memories it brings to mind. Hahaha i can almost feel someone searching my mind to find out if it has anything to do with the birth of The Christ child. Do not fret my sweet, and while at it i may as well mention that, no, it has nothing to do with Christmas. I love watching cartoons. They are simple and funny. But some also are very educative. One of my all time favorite is Anastasia. A Russian heiress who had lost it all to an evil adviser only to get it all back. It was very inspiring. That is where i first heard the song Once upon a December from. And that finally brings me to the core of my post. Fairy tales is what got me to this point. Back when i was still a little toddler, my lovely mother started telling us fairy tales…….. And i grew up listening to her. When i could learn my first abc’s i started  with the books. So trust me when i say, “Once upon a December” warms my heart.

So, at six years, i had taken endless journeys in the world of the princesses and their princes. I sat with Humpty Dumpty as he swung his legs on the wall, and was heartbroken when all the kings men couldn’t mend him back. When they lay Cinderella in that glass casket, i felt as if i was standing beside the little dwarfs. Honestly, until the handsome prince came by and kissed her i had cried in bucketfuls…… I really wanted to slap Cinderella’s sisters silly back then. Now you can imagine a six year old taking such journeys……..

By the time i was twelve and thirteen i had uped my game and was busy doing, Nancy Drew, hardy boys, and had already read Tom Sawyer  so many times i cannot count. But i still reminisce about my favorite books – Trixel Belden. Who ever read those books?  Oh i was star struck, in love, nothing was better than Trixie and her friends. Trixie was a teenage sleuth who was very good at what she did. I loved her because among my friends i was the only one who read about her.That made me feel unique. She was also very smart and resourceful, i liked that too. That was my earlier years.
Going on to high school,  i discovered just how many journeys i could take by sitting down with a good book. In our little library i stumbled into Charles Dickens. Wow that was a journey into another world. And i started reading classics like a mad girl. I joined Oliver Twist in his seemingly endless journey of suffering on the streets of London. London then reminds me of the many slums we have in our country today. That however gives me hope because i realize if that life could change them surely as we journey on, so shall ours. I especially remember a scene where Oliver was being beaten for apparently stealing. And being saved by the same person who he had supposedly stolen from. Sad scene i remember. I wonder how many of our brothers are mobbed to death though, in the same manner? Dear God. In high school is where i discovered the best books as far as i know. Readers digest condensed books. If you have never laid your eyes on those books, well i suggest you hurry to the nearest library and look for one. While at it pray that there is a single copy available. Though i can’t seem to get a copy myself, i have held on to the magazines fervently. They are still the most loved and dear magazines i own. In the mean time should any of you have the condensed digests i will pay loads for just one. :-).
Onwards brothers, here comes college. In college i discovered the power of the encyclopedia. And although i was very much exposed to it in high school, the profound meaning of what i could learn from these books did not sink until i was much grown.
For a person who loves reading like me, we all know what that means. If you want to take a vacation with no expenses, read a good book. We know that we can not turn the hands of time and find ourselves back in history. The good thing is humanity has always been the same, therefore the desire to document everything that happens to us over time is in our blood. So if you want to take a journey into the past, pick a good history book. If you want to take a journey into space, deep into the minds of people, or even just want to laugh your heart out, read. I have stood alongside Imotep as he designed the pyraminds that were his kings tombs. Being next to Cleopatra as she seduced Mark Anthony. Looked on as an explosion created the universe, seen the dinosaurs slowly die as the biting cold led to lack of food. I have journeyed in the future, and actually realized that star trek may have seemed like science fiction, but who knows what will happen in the future? Looked on as jack the Ripper killed  those women on the cold nights of London. My little journeys are endless. I could take days telling you just what i saw or thought about every journey i have taken in a book.
And that is why ‘once upon a December’ makes me smile. Because it takes me to a place no-one else can. The wonderful world that my dear mama introduced me to the day she decided to take me to the library.
Though i am not in the same situation as she was, i am trying my very best to introduce my little prince to reading too. I might add though, that it may be easier for me because there’s a whole world out there for him to explore. Getting good books has become the easiest thing a girl like me can experience. And DVDs make it even more meaningful, because once lilman and i read a book, we go back and watch it. So you can imagine how much fun it was the first time he realized Simba from the book we had just read was Simba in Lion King. Fun eh? i bet you agree.

I am no perfect mum. If anything i know i never shall be. But i am going to instill those habits i find fulfilling and meaningful in life ( like a love for books) or die trying. I encourage any other parent to try and encourage their kids to take up reading. its not the only thing they can spend their time doing, but you will quickly realize that by enjoying those books that are not too taxing, even when they get down to the serious stuff – Formal Education, they have a tendency to enjoy reading more than those who just played and did train their brains to reception of new and inconceivable ideas.

Want to have a good day? PICK A BOOK AND READ.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a December…..

    • Lista, you must have really enjoyed reading Once upon a time tredemedously….. I must admit i love that post a mighty deal too. Thanks for your continued support……. Suport does come from the most unexpected quaters sometimes doesnt it?

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