Dear heart,

I have recently noted with concern that the body that owns us has met another body. I am certain that the heart of the other body, is also involved in the same foolish game you are engaging in right now. Just like you are. Like i keep reminding you, you really aren’t as smart as you think. Anyway, i did not decide to write you this little missive to discuss other hearts and minds. I want us to deliberate on this matter that has recently come to light.
Heart, i highly doubt if i need to remind you that the last time you were so careless with us, you landed us all in a whole lot of trouble. You did indeed lead to insomnia, stomach ulcers and that kind of problems. I have also noted with even greater concern, that you seem to be warming up to this new body at an alarming pace. Please, i beg of you, stop joking around! Give me a chance to think this through before we land in that dark corner that always always leads to bucketfuls of tears. Note that when the body is lost in misery and grief, we lose alot of precious time which would be better spent with family and friends, rather than the isolation this body tends to favour, even when not nursing you. I am eagerly awaiting your reply to my well thought objections to this situation. Your comrade, The mind.
Well people, i figured i’d start my post today by delving right into what is my issue today. That would be the many messages that pass between our reasoning selves and our feelings when we meet new people, whom, we may feel romantically inclined toward. That, in my mind, is the first message our reasonable self sends to the unreasonable self. For the purposes of this post:
1. Reasonable self means those mind processes that take time to make profound decisions, that allow us to think through the pros and cons of a venture. Simply put, the Mind.
2. Unreasonable self means that side of us that is easily excited, that jumps headlong into situations without taking time to ponder the inevitable outcome of a not- so- well- thought venture. In other words the Heart.
3. Venture refers to a romantic interest or relationship. That is in referrence to our current subject of contention.
Definations having been taken care of, let us look at the hypothetical letter that the heart would happily or not so happily reply to the mind.
Dear Mind,
It would have been a wonderful thing to write you a better letter, but i am currently seething with anger. Seeing how smart you think you really are! You need to note that while we both belong to this body, we are independent of each others actions. Take note that, you have suddenly got it into ‘your head’ that you are the boss of me. I hate to break it to you but i am my own boss. I have in the past observed that, while i can trust you with some decisions, i need to take charge of some of them because you tend to over analyse a situation and the body that is our owner, suffers for it. I am also willing to admit that truthfully i have led us to some stupid mistakes that did indeed lead us to some unwarranted trouble, but incase you did not hear the body say it, let me remind you. THE HEART GETS WHAT IT WANTS. Now do not take this personally, that is just me being me. Last time i let you make my decisions for me, the body ended up with a rich man. It’s not funny because that was only for a little while. Then the other body started abusing our owner. Do you remember the lies we were told? Which unfortunately you bought and we were in it line, hook and sinker. Well that’s how the body ended up in hospital. When the other body brought flowers, you were quick to convince me he could make us happy by buying us beautiful things because he could. Now tell me, why is it that our owner has had to move states just to escape the other body? Why was our owner engrossed in legal battles for so long if your decision was so well thought? You see, stupid you thought that money could gratify me. It didn’t and that is why our owner is in hiding. Thanks for ‘buying’ me the flashy car i really wanted. The problem is you instructed the mouth to ask for it, knowing fully well that what would have made me happy, is if this man had spent more time with our owner, i would not have set my interests on another – we can discuss the other in our next communication. Anyway what i am struggling to tell you is, please stop trying to mislead me. Yes the body has met another. I promised myself that this time i will not look at his material possessions, i will not look at his portfolio, i will not allow myself to deliberate on issues like where he went to school. Lately i have learnt to look with ‘my eyes’ as oppossed to yours. Once again, shame on you for making me feel sorry for choosing to like this new body just because he is not as ‘loaded’ as the other.
Kindly contact me for further clarification on this issue. As of now i consider the subject closed.
Yours always, Heart. Round one, heart wins. But i wonder. REALLY?


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