Dear heart, (the outcome of the war of words that was)

My dear reader if you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend that you read my earlier post- dear heart in order to get where we are at.
I will give you a recup of how things ended. The heart won. Hence the body that was the owner ( you and i) went ahead despite the warnings, and got into a relationship. Now, many months down the line two possible and profound things may have happened. That the couple hit it off or simply broke it off. So i am going to look at both outcomes and either celebrate them or moarn them. Lets start with a success. And this is what i assume the letter between our minds and hearts would sound like. (Being a lady i will tackle this from a lady’s point of view. It doesn’t mean i have less insight, but it puts me at a better point of view).
Dear Heart,
It’s been long while since our last conversation. I must admit reading your mail was pretty disconcerting. I am however here to refute my scathing words that, for a moment back then seem to have really thrown you off balance. My dear, remember that, i said all that not to upset you, but rather to warn you of what seemingly for me was impending danger. I am humbled that you have made me finally eat my words. Happy to oblige you. You see, my plan wasn’t to anger you, rather i wanted to be sure that we landed on our feet this time round. We both know we hate it when we crawl back to our corner feeling all defeated. I especially hate having to let someone new in our lives afresh after an especially infamous breakup.
I am celebrating the fact that this venture has thus far been a wonderful journey for us. Clearly, your happiness has positively impacted on the life of our owner. Kudos. Secretly i hoped i was wrong and you were right. Thank goodness i was wrong. Look at how much our owner has improved! I noted that she’s become keen about her looks. She’s exercising, eating better. Her hair and nails look pristine. I wish we hadn’t wasted so much time arguing in the past. That aside. Did you know i am much more improved in that, she’s also taken a keen interest in her spiritual life? I enjoy the peace she enjoys lately. As if that is not enough, she has suddenly gone back to improving her intellect. She’s reading and doing more research.Oh thank you dear heart. You did a splendid job. Until the need comes along i think my job with you is done. Let me enjoy my holiday that is a lot of rest, positive thoughts and naturally, books. Ciao my friend until the next time. Yours always Mind.
Dear Mind,
Thank you for letting me be. Do you see how easy that was? I do not mean to gloat but, i told you so sweetie. Did you take notice that because of my choice they have decided to start a family? Obviously not immediately but they are working towards it. So yes i have done a good job. Everything else for me is detail. What’s important is that i am happy, i am content, i love someone and he loves me back. Isn’t it wonderful when we know someone love’s us? I am not gloating but i told you sweetie. So glad that you admitted that despite calling me stupid, you finally realise i can be of benefit to this body that is our owner. Who, just like you were quick to mention, has improved her life drastically. I am however, still praying that things go well for us all the way. Until next time. Consider the job done. I got things to do. Like getting pampered with all the kind and sweet words that he keeps showering on me. So i am very happy. Talk another time. Yours Heart.
Truth be told people, when one is in love, they are automatically happier. It has been scientifically proven that happier people perform better at work. They are also kinder to the people around them. So you see, when the heart makes good choices you are better of as an employee and as a boss.
When we are in love somehow we take better care of ourselves. Our skins glow. So if you are in love my friends, keep the fire burning. Sky high if you can, because you will be even more attractive the entire world. Remember people have a tendancy to agree with people they admire. You will most likely be more open to expanding your intellect, that puts you in a better position when interacting with the rest of the world. Wonderful, isn’t it?
Apart from looking and feeling good, taking better care of ourselves, improving our intellect and generally becoming better people, love has this ability to change our lives in the sense that we have someone we can trust with our own. The secrets and fears no longer belong to us alone, they can be shared. So you see, the burden is lessened.
The mind is a very reliable tool when choosing a mate. We never the less should be beware though, that the mind, has the tendancy to overanalyse situations. Therefore while listening to your mind sometimes trust the heart too, as it can take you on a most wonderful journey. Do not let the musings of the mind trip you. Let the heart do what it is best at. Loving and giving the best that a human being can give to another!


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