2013 Oh what magic we can create!

I shall not miss you last year. Reason being if i miss you, moving forward will be a dream in the far recesses of my mind. 2012 started for me on a very low note. It took a miracle to get out of that abyss that was fast becoming limbo for me. But a miracle did happen and like the mythical pheonix i arose from the ashes. Anyway thats part of the reason i will not miss last year. I promise to tell you about it once we establish the world is not ending.
So, the world didn’t end on Twenty first of December after all? Who said it would anyway? Do not try to convince me that you too believed that conspiracy just about everyone was talking about? Did you? Well i didn’t. For one because the mayan calender ended then, it didn’t indicate it was the end of the world. Secondly for as long as i’m here, i’m aware some day i will be gone too, so am not keen on obviouse dates of my demise. Rather i focus on staying alive and enjoying the moment. Besides let it end when it will, neither you or i, have the ability to stop it. If i did, i’d never grown a day beyond eighteen years. :-). Anyway, having discovered the mayan prediction was a total fluke, we have another problem to deal with. The earth’s magnetic pole is shifting at an alarming rate, as is if that’s not enough there’s a comet hurtling towards us with all the force it can garner. I understand if it lands on us, it will be another one thousand years of freezing for our planet. Well given the film of dust that settled on earth last time, i geuss its safe to assume this time round it would be two thousand years. Take heart though, i am not here to spread all doom. Was just thinking about what has got me taking up this challenge. With the the amount of information we get about what has happened, is happening and is going to happen to our planet, i am surprised we are still here. So we have another three months before this huge piece of rock bombards us into nothingness? Well, at least by the i will have seen if my mother raised a disciplined girl or a nut.
My first and most important resolution is to up my game here. When i started posting my thoughts here, it was more to talk to myself with the hope that somebody would read and laugh or cry with me. Therefore i was not keen on how regular i was going to be. So in a span of nine months i only managed to do a parlty eight posts. Crying shame my people, given the much i’d like to share with you. So i am challenging myself within the next three months, to do a weekly post. Even if it will be ten words.
My son is slowly headed to being three and a half. A milestone for both of us. But we are facing one problem. The little man does not want to sleep in his own bed. And it has become a living nightmare for me. You see on occasion he wets the bed. And though we have our little talk about how he should wake me up when he wants to go pee, he wakes me up as he is doing it. Well its on occasion but it bothers me. But that is not even something to wrinkle my lovely face over, what is becoming a total nightmare is him waking me up in the middle of the night to tell him fairy tales. That has me on my wits end. You may on occasion hear the sound of my teeth as i gnash and grind them. Little wonder i am in desperate need of seeing a dentist at the moment. So my second project will be to kick the little guy in the curb and see to it he never sleeps in my bed again. That should be one interesting affair. Given this wont be the first time i am embarking on it. However, this time i am resolute on the matter. I wont let him blackmail me into submission. Not with his tears, shouts, screams or verbal threats, which i might add sometimes sound like a grown man’s threats.
Moving on swiftly, on to my third resolution, talk to family and friends a little bit more. I am generally an introvert. For this behaviour i have managed to isolate myself from family and my friends. High price to pay. Currently i am tired of being labeled the arrogant, lone ranger of the family. That is why i have decided to send for some olive branches from Israel so that i can extend only the most authentic olive branch available on the planet. You see i have been a horrible daughter, niece, grandchild, cousin and sometimes even sister. I do not attend family functions, i am poor at making calls leave alone answering them. Currently i must rate as the most unpopular and hated relative they all have in common. Dear God intervene on my behalf. Anyway i will make sure that i embark on the mysterious journey that is a relationship with my relatives. Hopefully should i die come March and some of them remain, i will have someone to cremate my remains or whatever they feel is appropriate to accord my body.
Having confessed my sins and cleansed my soul at the pulpit that is my readers, i think its time for me to get down to those tasks i’ve just assigned myself, don’t you?


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