Once upon a December…..

That’s the title of a song. The reason i even thought about using it is because of the memories it brings to mind. Hahaha i can almost feel someone searching my mind to find out if it has anything to do with the birth of The Christ child. Do not fret my sweet, and while at it i may as well mention that, no, it has nothing to do with Christmas. I love watching cartoons. They are simple and funny. But some also are very educative. One of my all time favorite is Anastasia. A Russian heiress who had lost it all to an evil adviser only to get it all back. It was very inspiring. That is where i first heard the song Once upon a December from. And that finally brings me to the core of my post. Fairy tales is what got me to this point. Back when i was still a little toddler, my lovely mother started telling us fairy tales…….. And i grew up listening to her. When i could learn my first abc’s i started  with the books. So trust me when i say, “Once upon a December” warms my heart.

So, at six years, i had taken endless journeys in the world of the princesses and their princes. I sat with Humpty Dumpty as he swung his legs on the wall, and was heartbroken when all the kings men couldn’t mend him back. When they lay Cinderella in that glass casket, i felt as if i was standing beside the little dwarfs. Honestly, until the handsome prince came by and kissed her i had cried in bucketfuls…… I really wanted to slap Cinderella’s sisters silly back then. Now you can imagine a six year old taking such journeys……..

By the time i was twelve and thirteen i had uped my game and was busy doing, Nancy Drew, hardy boys, and had already read Tom Sawyer  so many times i cannot count. But i still reminisce about my favorite books – Trixel Belden. Who ever read those books?  Oh i was star struck, in love, nothing was better than Trixie and her friends. Trixie was a teenage sleuth who was very good at what she did. I loved her because among my friends i was the only one who read about her.That made me feel unique. She was also very smart and resourceful, i liked that too. That was my earlier years.
Going on to high school,  i discovered just how many journeys i could take by sitting down with a good book. In our little library i stumbled into Charles Dickens. Wow that was a journey into another world. And i started reading classics like a mad girl. I joined Oliver Twist in his seemingly endless journey of suffering on the streets of London. London then reminds me of the many slums we have in our country today. That however gives me hope because i realize if that life could change them surely as we journey on, so shall ours. I especially remember a scene where Oliver was being beaten for apparently stealing. And being saved by the same person who he had supposedly stolen from. Sad scene i remember. I wonder how many of our brothers are mobbed to death though, in the same manner? Dear God. In high school is where i discovered the best books as far as i know. Readers digest condensed books. If you have never laid your eyes on those books, well i suggest you hurry to the nearest library and look for one. While at it pray that there is a single copy available. Though i can’t seem to get a copy myself, i have held on to the magazines fervently. They are still the most loved and dear magazines i own. In the mean time should any of you have the condensed digests i will pay loads for just one. :-).
Onwards brothers, here comes college. In college i discovered the power of the encyclopedia. And although i was very much exposed to it in high school, the profound meaning of what i could learn from these books did not sink until i was much grown.
For a person who loves reading like me, we all know what that means. If you want to take a vacation with no expenses, read a good book. We know that we can not turn the hands of time and find ourselves back in history. The good thing is humanity has always been the same, therefore the desire to document everything that happens to us over time is in our blood. So if you want to take a journey into the past, pick a good history book. If you want to take a journey into space, deep into the minds of people, or even just want to laugh your heart out, read. I have stood alongside Imotep as he designed the pyraminds that were his kings tombs. Being next to Cleopatra as she seduced Mark Anthony. Looked on as an explosion created the universe, seen the dinosaurs slowly die as the biting cold led to lack of food. I have journeyed in the future, and actually realized that star trek may have seemed like science fiction, but who knows what will happen in the future? Looked on as jack the Ripper killed  those women on the cold nights of London. My little journeys are endless. I could take days telling you just what i saw or thought about every journey i have taken in a book.
And that is why ‘once upon a December’ makes me smile. Because it takes me to a place no-one else can. The wonderful world that my dear mama introduced me to the day she decided to take me to the library.
Though i am not in the same situation as she was, i am trying my very best to introduce my little prince to reading too. I might add though, that it may be easier for me because there’s a whole world out there for him to explore. Getting good books has become the easiest thing a girl like me can experience. And DVDs make it even more meaningful, because once lilman and i read a book, we go back and watch it. So you can imagine how much fun it was the first time he realized Simba from the book we had just read was Simba in Lion King. Fun eh? i bet you agree.

I am no perfect mum. If anything i know i never shall be. But i am going to instill those habits i find fulfilling and meaningful in life ( like a love for books) or die trying. I encourage any other parent to try and encourage their kids to take up reading. its not the only thing they can spend their time doing, but you will quickly realize that by enjoying those books that are not too taxing, even when they get down to the serious stuff – Formal Education, they have a tendency to enjoy reading more than those who just played and did train their brains to reception of new and inconceivable ideas.

Want to have a good day? PICK A BOOK AND READ.


Dear heart, (the outcome of the war of words that was)

My dear reader if you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend that you read my earlier post- dear heart in order to get where we are at.
I will give you a recup of how things ended. The heart won. Hence the body that was the owner ( you and i) went ahead despite the warnings, and got into a relationship. Now, many months down the line two possible and profound things may have happened. That the couple hit it off or simply broke it off. So i am going to look at both outcomes and either celebrate them or moarn them. Lets start with a success. And this is what i assume the letter between our minds and hearts would sound like. (Being a lady i will tackle this from a lady’s point of view. It doesn’t mean i have less insight, but it puts me at a better point of view).
Dear Heart,
It’s been long while since our last conversation. I must admit reading your mail was pretty disconcerting. I am however here to refute my scathing words that, for a moment back then seem to have really thrown you off balance. My dear, remember that, i said all that not to upset you, but rather to warn you of what seemingly for me was impending danger. I am humbled that you have made me finally eat my words. Happy to oblige you. You see, my plan wasn’t to anger you, rather i wanted to be sure that we landed on our feet this time round. We both know we hate it when we crawl back to our corner feeling all defeated. I especially hate having to let someone new in our lives afresh after an especially infamous breakup.
I am celebrating the fact that this venture has thus far been a wonderful journey for us. Clearly, your happiness has positively impacted on the life of our owner. Kudos. Secretly i hoped i was wrong and you were right. Thank goodness i was wrong. Look at how much our owner has improved! I noted that she’s become keen about her looks. She’s exercising, eating better. Her hair and nails look pristine. I wish we hadn’t wasted so much time arguing in the past. That aside. Did you know i am much more improved in that, she’s also taken a keen interest in her spiritual life? I enjoy the peace she enjoys lately. As if that is not enough, she has suddenly gone back to improving her intellect. She’s reading and doing more research.Oh thank you dear heart. You did a splendid job. Until the need comes along i think my job with you is done. Let me enjoy my holiday that is a lot of rest, positive thoughts and naturally, books. Ciao my friend until the next time. Yours always Mind.
Dear Mind,
Thank you for letting me be. Do you see how easy that was? I do not mean to gloat but, i told you so sweetie. Did you take notice that because of my choice they have decided to start a family? Obviously not immediately but they are working towards it. So yes i have done a good job. Everything else for me is detail. What’s important is that i am happy, i am content, i love someone and he loves me back. Isn’t it wonderful when we know someone love’s us? I am not gloating but i told you sweetie. So glad that you admitted that despite calling me stupid, you finally realise i can be of benefit to this body that is our owner. Who, just like you were quick to mention, has improved her life drastically. I am however, still praying that things go well for us all the way. Until next time. Consider the job done. I got things to do. Like getting pampered with all the kind and sweet words that he keeps showering on me. So i am very happy. Talk another time. Yours Heart.
Truth be told people, when one is in love, they are automatically happier. It has been scientifically proven that happier people perform better at work. They are also kinder to the people around them. So you see, when the heart makes good choices you are better of as an employee and as a boss.
When we are in love somehow we take better care of ourselves. Our skins glow. So if you are in love my friends, keep the fire burning. Sky high if you can, because you will be even more attractive the entire world. Remember people have a tendancy to agree with people they admire. You will most likely be more open to expanding your intellect, that puts you in a better position when interacting with the rest of the world. Wonderful, isn’t it?
Apart from looking and feeling good, taking better care of ourselves, improving our intellect and generally becoming better people, love has this ability to change our lives in the sense that we have someone we can trust with our own. The secrets and fears no longer belong to us alone, they can be shared. So you see, the burden is lessened.
The mind is a very reliable tool when choosing a mate. We never the less should be beware though, that the mind, has the tendancy to overanalyse situations. Therefore while listening to your mind sometimes trust the heart too, as it can take you on a most wonderful journey. Do not let the musings of the mind trip you. Let the heart do what it is best at. Loving and giving the best that a human being can give to another!

Dear heart,

I have recently noted with concern that the body that owns us has met another body. I am certain that the heart of the other body, is also involved in the same foolish game you are engaging in right now. Just like you are. Like i keep reminding you, you really aren’t as smart as you think. Anyway, i did not decide to write you this little missive to discuss other hearts and minds. I want us to deliberate on this matter that has recently come to light.
Heart, i highly doubt if i need to remind you that the last time you were so careless with us, you landed us all in a whole lot of trouble. You did indeed lead to insomnia, stomach ulcers and that kind of problems. I have also noted with even greater concern, that you seem to be warming up to this new body at an alarming pace. Please, i beg of you, stop joking around! Give me a chance to think this through before we land in that dark corner that always always leads to bucketfuls of tears. Note that when the body is lost in misery and grief, we lose alot of precious time which would be better spent with family and friends, rather than the isolation this body tends to favour, even when not nursing you. I am eagerly awaiting your reply to my well thought objections to this situation. Your comrade, The mind.
Well people, i figured i’d start my post today by delving right into what is my issue today. That would be the many messages that pass between our reasoning selves and our feelings when we meet new people, whom, we may feel romantically inclined toward. That, in my mind, is the first message our reasonable self sends to the unreasonable self. For the purposes of this post:
1. Reasonable self means those mind processes that take time to make profound decisions, that allow us to think through the pros and cons of a venture. Simply put, the Mind.
2. Unreasonable self means that side of us that is easily excited, that jumps headlong into situations without taking time to ponder the inevitable outcome of a not- so- well- thought venture. In other words the Heart.
3. Venture refers to a romantic interest or relationship. That is in referrence to our current subject of contention.
Definations having been taken care of, let us look at the hypothetical letter that the heart would happily or not so happily reply to the mind.
Dear Mind,
It would have been a wonderful thing to write you a better letter, but i am currently seething with anger. Seeing how smart you think you really are! You need to note that while we both belong to this body, we are independent of each others actions. Take note that, you have suddenly got it into ‘your head’ that you are the boss of me. I hate to break it to you but i am my own boss. I have in the past observed that, while i can trust you with some decisions, i need to take charge of some of them because you tend to over analyse a situation and the body that is our owner, suffers for it. I am also willing to admit that truthfully i have led us to some stupid mistakes that did indeed lead us to some unwarranted trouble, but incase you did not hear the body say it, let me remind you. THE HEART GETS WHAT IT WANTS. Now do not take this personally, that is just me being me. Last time i let you make my decisions for me, the body ended up with a rich man. It’s not funny because that was only for a little while. Then the other body started abusing our owner. Do you remember the lies we were told? Which unfortunately you bought and we were in it line, hook and sinker. Well that’s how the body ended up in hospital. When the other body brought flowers, you were quick to convince me he could make us happy by buying us beautiful things because he could. Now tell me, why is it that our owner has had to move states just to escape the other body? Why was our owner engrossed in legal battles for so long if your decision was so well thought? You see, stupid you thought that money could gratify me. It didn’t and that is why our owner is in hiding. Thanks for ‘buying’ me the flashy car i really wanted. The problem is you instructed the mouth to ask for it, knowing fully well that what would have made me happy, is if this man had spent more time with our owner, i would not have set my interests on another – we can discuss the other in our next communication. Anyway what i am struggling to tell you is, please stop trying to mislead me. Yes the body has met another. I promised myself that this time i will not look at his material possessions, i will not look at his portfolio, i will not allow myself to deliberate on issues like where he went to school. Lately i have learnt to look with ‘my eyes’ as oppossed to yours. Once again, shame on you for making me feel sorry for choosing to like this new body just because he is not as ‘loaded’ as the other.
Kindly contact me for further clarification on this issue. As of now i consider the subject closed.
Yours always, Heart. Round one, heart wins. But i wonder. REALLY?

2013 Oh what magic we can create!

I shall not miss you last year. Reason being if i miss you, moving forward will be a dream in the far recesses of my mind. 2012 started for me on a very low note. It took a miracle to get out of that abyss that was fast becoming limbo for me. But a miracle did happen and like the mythical pheonix i arose from the ashes. Anyway thats part of the reason i will not miss last year. I promise to tell you about it once we establish the world is not ending.
So, the world didn’t end on Twenty first of December after all? Who said it would anyway? Do not try to convince me that you too believed that conspiracy just about everyone was talking about? Did you? Well i didn’t. For one because the mayan calender ended then, it didn’t indicate it was the end of the world. Secondly for as long as i’m here, i’m aware some day i will be gone too, so am not keen on obviouse dates of my demise. Rather i focus on staying alive and enjoying the moment. Besides let it end when it will, neither you or i, have the ability to stop it. If i did, i’d never grown a day beyond eighteen years. :-). Anyway, having discovered the mayan prediction was a total fluke, we have another problem to deal with. The earth’s magnetic pole is shifting at an alarming rate, as is if that’s not enough there’s a comet hurtling towards us with all the force it can garner. I understand if it lands on us, it will be another one thousand years of freezing for our planet. Well given the film of dust that settled on earth last time, i geuss its safe to assume this time round it would be two thousand years. Take heart though, i am not here to spread all doom. Was just thinking about what has got me taking up this challenge. With the the amount of information we get about what has happened, is happening and is going to happen to our planet, i am surprised we are still here. So we have another three months before this huge piece of rock bombards us into nothingness? Well, at least by the i will have seen if my mother raised a disciplined girl or a nut.
My first and most important resolution is to up my game here. When i started posting my thoughts here, it was more to talk to myself with the hope that somebody would read and laugh or cry with me. Therefore i was not keen on how regular i was going to be. So in a span of nine months i only managed to do a parlty eight posts. Crying shame my people, given the much i’d like to share with you. So i am challenging myself within the next three months, to do a weekly post. Even if it will be ten words.
My son is slowly headed to being three and a half. A milestone for both of us. But we are facing one problem. The little man does not want to sleep in his own bed. And it has become a living nightmare for me. You see on occasion he wets the bed. And though we have our little talk about how he should wake me up when he wants to go pee, he wakes me up as he is doing it. Well its on occasion but it bothers me. But that is not even something to wrinkle my lovely face over, what is becoming a total nightmare is him waking me up in the middle of the night to tell him fairy tales. That has me on my wits end. You may on occasion hear the sound of my teeth as i gnash and grind them. Little wonder i am in desperate need of seeing a dentist at the moment. So my second project will be to kick the little guy in the curb and see to it he never sleeps in my bed again. That should be one interesting affair. Given this wont be the first time i am embarking on it. However, this time i am resolute on the matter. I wont let him blackmail me into submission. Not with his tears, shouts, screams or verbal threats, which i might add sometimes sound like a grown man’s threats.
Moving on swiftly, on to my third resolution, talk to family and friends a little bit more. I am generally an introvert. For this behaviour i have managed to isolate myself from family and my friends. High price to pay. Currently i am tired of being labeled the arrogant, lone ranger of the family. That is why i have decided to send for some olive branches from Israel so that i can extend only the most authentic olive branch available on the planet. You see i have been a horrible daughter, niece, grandchild, cousin and sometimes even sister. I do not attend family functions, i am poor at making calls leave alone answering them. Currently i must rate as the most unpopular and hated relative they all have in common. Dear God intervene on my behalf. Anyway i will make sure that i embark on the mysterious journey that is a relationship with my relatives. Hopefully should i die come March and some of them remain, i will have someone to cremate my remains or whatever they feel is appropriate to accord my body.
Having confessed my sins and cleansed my soul at the pulpit that is my readers, i think its time for me to get down to those tasks i’ve just assigned myself, don’t you?