Who exactly is the head?

….. And for that matter who is the neck and the rest of the body. My english teacher would have my head on a platter for beginning a post with and. Well she isn’t here so i’m at liberty to start it the way i like. Besides i suspect Teddy will do the job for her just as perfectly. Anyway so much for being my own interruptor.
If you listen to Classic fm you may have an idea as to what may have brought me to this moment in time. The endless war between the sexes has convinced me that the modern Kenyan family is finally getting to its wits end and may not survive the onslaught that is economic turmoil, indiscipline among kids, insecurity and all other social ills that seem to grow tentacles as we watch. A moment of silence to observe what may very well be the death of family. Well i am not here to pride myself in what a ‘family person’ i am. If anything i have the tendancies of a lone rogue elephant. No scratch that. I am more of a tiger, finding it easier to hunt and survive better on my own. That’s life really. Some of us have the inability to fully mingle with the masses. But this post is not about the introverts, its about the rest of us who have an ardent love for family.
So ladies and gentlemen, what is all this hulla balloo we keep hearing on radio? Sometimes i have a feeling that these are potential murders we keep listening to. You see every human being has the ability to take away anothers life, the only question is, what the limit that would push them is? Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not looking to hear that one of those calling in every morning has suddenly gone rogue and murdered his/her entire family, far from it. I am looking to find if things are this bad. Why am i asking when i see it on television every other day. ‘MAN KILLS ENTIRE FAMILY AFTER A DOMESTIC QUARREL’. It’s about to become everyday’s news headline at this rate. So let’s see, life has become that unbearable to an extent of offing ones spouse and children just to make it easier? Hahaha. Never came up with a more stupid way of reasoning. That’s for he/she who would reason in that kind of manner.
So, since we can’t reason let’s go back to basics. I may not be too correct but i think my Bible somewhere expressely instructs the woman to be obedient to her husband and for the man to love his wife. Right? Well now don’t tell me it applies to my christian faith. I believe this is applicable to all religions, christianity not withstanding.
I am old schooled. I i grew up with the believe that if i disobeyed my parents i’d get stricken by lightening and chew a permanent blackout. In the same fashion i learnt to be submissive to the man i am with. Obviously things have changed, i’ve been exposed to the world and know what situation calls for submissiveness and what doesn’t. For instance, if my s/o becomes abusive should i bend on one knee and take it all? NO! My dear late mama told me better than that. She said “If a man ever hits you, abuses you in any way or cheats on you, run to the end of the world’. And that’s a creed i live by. Because, let’s face it, there’s no relationship there really. But let’s try figure out what ails modern families.
I am no guru but let’s call a spade by its name. Respect is gone, love got buried along with its sister humility.
Children no longer respect their parents. We don’t need to look far, it’s all over the place. Kids do what they wish, indulge in habits they are too young to comprehend what their consequences are and are generally a rowdy crowd that you don’t want to meet up with in a dark ally because God knows what would happen to you.
Husbands have forgotten their God given duty to love their wives. We are being candid here. How many guys do you know are married but never say it loud or insist their relationships are on the rocks so that they can hit the next skirt that comes by their way. Come on guys, and you complain when women call in to say the husband is too busy that’s why they are cheating? Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or if you like it my way, frozen. So a woman discovers condoms in her husbands pockets and he expects to get away with it? You will be having your meal on mount everest brother, cold as they come.
Wives. So when you discover your man has gone astray the solution is to get worse? Tsk. I’m sorry its just funny. Because i’ve been there, and though it may sound funny to me now it wasn’t funny then. The lesson i came out of it with is, when things go bad, reduce the speed on your lips and increase the love and humility. Its important to recognise who is the head in the home. Obviously i’m not advising for you to do it without wisdom, but try being humble. When things prove impossible, then you can look for other highways. Girls, the words we spew from our mouths when angry cost us our dignity, families children and sometimes lives.
So i say let the leader lead and the rest follow. In my opinion a man is the head, the rest are the body. What about you?


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