Long distance? It will never work! Or will it?

So, do you think you would dip your fit in a relationship where you probably will be seeing your significant other once in a while as oppossed to everyday? I say anytime. Bring it on. No i am not crazy, i’m saying this because i know it does work.
We first of all need to acknowledge the fact that while we were asleep the world did indeed become a global village. I would be surprised if someone gave inability to communicate as a core reason as to his/her dropping someone they are in a relationship with. The internet has become not just a tool of self expression to the masses but also a cheap, effective and fast medium of communication. So please shove that idea aside. That one can give lack of a proper media to communicate with is a laughable thought. I have a few pointers on how to keep that fire burning even across oceans.
1. Commitment
Obviously this does not apply to anyone who is in a casual relationship. When both parties decide to stay and tough it out, there has to be commitment. They both have to have similar goals. At the end of a certain period of time what do they want to achieve. Its preposterous to ask your ‘booty call girl/boy-friend’ to wait for you. Tsk… They would laugh in your face. Wouldn’t they? So yes it has to be with someone you are in the longrun with as oppossed to those you wake up next to and hope to die before you see them again. Okay that’s just mean but you get my drift.
2. Connection
Very important. Do not be suprised that i decided to mention this. You see, a lot of people are in commitments but not necessarily emotionally connected to their s/o’s. If you are going to survive even a day with distance in between, trust me you need to be people who are more than physically or materially connected. You see from a distance you will need to support each other. Sometimes the other person may not mention it but may need your support. So do you not think its vital that you know your partner fully and are connected in such a way that when they need to say something they wont be met by reprimands or a cold shoulder?
3. Communicate
Isn’t this one of the most important parts of this whole post? Write emails, send texts or even call. Sincerely if you do not do these things there’s no further need for you to keep the relationship going. Do not take this as am arrogant statement. It is a factual statement. So we wish to be waited for, but have no intention of being consistent with having open lines of communication? Isn’t this funny. Ladies and gentlemen i hate to have to be the one who will tell you this, but you will kill your relationship. Actually you have already put a noose around its neck and are gently pushing it down the gulley. May as well kiss it goodbye never to see it again. It does not matter how busy you are, make time to ask your s/o how their day was, ask after their health, to discuss matters that are beneficial to the both of you. It means alot to the other party. They feel cared for, remembered and loved too. Talk, talk, talk some more.
4. Keep the faith.
Well i doubt i need to remind you that this is one of the most essential parts of a relationship. Being honest and true. Play your part and the rest will come naturally. There is a reason you are far apart. It could be work, family related or education. If there was another way, both of you would be together, right? So why do you want to complicate it by involving other people? And by that i am talking to those of us who are fond of cheating. If you can’t do it in the first place, do not do it. Its not something for the faint hearted. If you cannot deal with loneliness break it off and go on meet someone new. This is an evil too but i assure you, it is the lesser evil. Keep busy. Do things that will distract you from the fact that you are far away from the love of your life. Read, go sight seeing, hit the gym, go to church/temple/mosque- if you are religious… Anything to take away the lonely moments. I doubt i need to remind you to avoid exposing yourself to sexy material. You will have undone all you worked to achieve.
If you checked all those points then i assure you, long distance relationships will not be a huddle for you. Should you find yourself not checking any of them i geuss you need to evaluate if you need distance within the relationship or to simply jump ship.
I read somewhere a joke about a guy who goes on a long trip and gives his wife a chastisty belt, leaves his best friend with the key should he die before he comes back. A few miles into the journey his friend catches up with him out of breath shouting “you gave me the wrong key.” Those of us who are left behind need to ask ourselves if we are worth being trusted with the other party’s hearts and material possessions.
For those of my readers who are in long distance relationships, if you follow my tips you will be surprised how fast time flies! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Long distance? It will never work! Or will it?

    • Thank You Lista, well i hadn’t thought about being serious about the blog, until i realized that i am actually begining to get a following, and that my blog is turning out not to be just conversations i have with myself, but that i seem to be encouraging a couple of people. So yes i will keep posting. I will appreciate both encouragement and criticism from you. Thank you for the support.

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