Baby let’s make this work………. Or not.

Today i want to talk about love relationships. Now don’t get me wrong, i am no guru on this subject, but i will try my best to bring my knowledge to the table and i promise to discuss this subject with an open mind.
Its been years since i felt my heart get fatally attracted to a guy. Been years since i realized that Cinderella and prince charming only belonged to the fairy tales. But i assure you i am grown enough to know one can create their own fairy tale. Chivalry is not dead my people, never been. We however have made it our life long business to kill it. Well if there is no romance in your life, blame it on yourself. No dont retaliate yet before i can give you my reasons.
1. Beauty. When we meet people we are first dazzled by their beauty. This unfortunate event mostly occures with men. Think brothers, after you are through with flaunting your new catch to your friends, family and colleagues, is this the girl you want to spend your life with?
2. Wealth. Girls, girls, girls, this inflicts most girls. Doesn’t it? So now that you are dating a man because he can give you everything you want are you happy? How about if he turns out to be a vicious, crazy maniac who enjoys beating you for sport? Will the money still hold such high spot in your life?
3. Sex. Well lets call a spade a spade. Sex is great as long as the parties involved enjoy themselves. But we ought to know that sex can only be meaningful if there is more to it. If not so i recommend one night stands. I mean if you don’t value the person you are with they need to see that merely humping and grinding is a total waste of time.
I just covered what i consider as the main reasons why people generally land themselves in hot spots wondering how they ended up marrying or dating the wrong people. And I’ll be damned if i didn’t honestly admit I’ve been there too. A large majority of us have been there.
We do not get tricked into bad relationships, we walk ourselves right into them. I will explain. In the past I’ve been that girl who is attracted to the really bad and mischievous boy. The bad boy attitude was a major attracting factor to me. The calmer and less outrageous man seemed to me as a bore. The kind of guy i would not want to waste my time with because i thought they are dull. Well i can tell you for a fact there is nothing exciting about bad boys and their image. If anything i have discovered with time they are the ones who land a girl in big big trouble. Because generally a man like this is only interested in his ego and once you make his realise you are real, his attitude changes. The same thing applies with those snorty girls men date thinking she’s the hottest thing that graced our planet. Once you stop showing her the good and glamorous life its a kiss goodbye sonny!
So now i am grown and have a sober mind. And have come to realize that for a relationship to work there are things people need to consider. Money, sex and beauty cannot and will never buy us happiness. When you are in a relationship its important to be friends first before anything else. I have a couple of things i find important to be honest with as i try to understand my future partner that i think i should share.
1. Trust. When you dip your legs in the water prepare to get wet. You cannot plan to invest in a relationship if you have no plans to trust yous partner. Be the co- driver, not the unwilling passenger.
2. Honesty. For Pete’s sake if you trust them why would you want to be dishonest? This is what leads to bad habits as spending carelessly and cheating. Learn to come out clean. And if you want to be safe, ensure you have no skeletons in the closet from the onset of the relationship. Lies lead to more lies.
3. Money. Lets face it, money has broken more relationships than anything else in our country. If you will expect to have a lasting peaceful life with your s/o, learn to plan and spend money in unison. Talk about it. I assure you its the hardest subject to begin but once you begin you find that you are more comfortable budgeting and spending together as opposed to hiding cheques and payslips.
4. Fair fights. When in an argument we usually like to be the winners. However remember that because you are fighting it does not mean you will break up. So don’t be stupid. Girls stop telling him he’s a lousy lay. Even if he is, its your job to how him how you like it. Besides you think bringing it up now will make you a winner. You lose. Boys stop telling her she’s old and ugly. That will earn you a free ticket to the couch for the rest of your life! And for God’s sake this is not the time to bring about your exs. Unless its about them. Why then are they ex? Stupid!
5. Love. Please do not forget what brought you together in the first place. It was love. Which in this case will have grown and moved part infactuation into a life long or short term commitment. Tsk tsk. That depends on the couple. Whatever you may have it should work if you remember what you love in them.


2 thoughts on “Baby let’s make this work………. Or not.

  1. Nice one. I think we need to go through that whole cycle of making mistakes and being involved with the wrong people before we calm down and make the right choice………

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