Say cheese!!!!!!!!

        Watching cheaters is a rather exhilarating experience for all. I look at the dumbfounded expressions of the guilty party and keep wondering how they must feel. What would i feel if caught in such a compromising situation? And what about the other usually unsuspecting victim who is caught in the whirlwind that is cameras clicking away, shouting people and a crowd that catches one unawares?
       Try as hard as they may, there is no way one gets out of that situation unscathed. Bruised egos and sometimes physical injuries.
Radio shows are no better. You can always feel the hurt the victim eventually feels after discovering what the other party has been upto. Is it a wonder then that the third party does sometimes react in a most confusing manner? I watched one show where the third party came out wielding a dagger at the show host. I cannot blame him. Take note i am not saying it ok to try snurfing the life out of a person just because they caught you on camera with someone else’s beau, but at times when people get into dirt let them be prepared for the mirk that is the definite aftermath of what will be. But its a shame that people have to go to such lengths just to keep others in check. I am frowning at the cheater. Why not just tell your partner that things are not as rosy as they used to be and you wish to end things? Seriously think about it. Like the infamous ‘Oh My God’ bursted that got a couple of us trembling and the radio station sued. The mode used was rather out of taste but were you the aggrieved party would you have had it any other way? In all honesty most of us would possibly have gone looking for a gun. Because the knowledge that this girl had been cheating and not caring to use protection?……………. ah oh please. No wonder she’d have died when she heard what Shiku had to tell her. Just thinking what he was going to do to her was scaring enough. Oh well. 

Just listening to such radio shows or watching them on tv might leave you utterly shocked at the sometimes funny turn of events. Like when the cheater ends up being the victim. I am sure you have seen those episodes where the victim ends up being blamed for all the wrong that has happened. You will hear lines like “you just weren’t home to please me.” Or “your skills are way below average.” seriously if someone told me that on national tv, there’s no telling what i would do. Burn them at the stake i geuss. Or jus become a gun tooting mad woman. Hehehehe. Ok that’s just my sick humour at work. Anyway i wouldn’t want to be on either side. Neither would i be the camera crew. That i must add is aways in perilous danger of dying any second, or the host who always has a smooth voice and makes the cheater look like satan’s sibling. Notice we hardly ever get to know the true story behind the scenes. And being human beings, how many of us really want to know what is cutting? We have the tndancy to savour the bad and utterly wrong. Just for the gratification of our sad sad sad little lives. They are sad, cos why would u have a ball just because someone gotted busted on TV? Ehe? See? Need to gratify a poor and sad soul. Otherwise you would have been busy learning something new. Oh i can almost see a disapproving finger pointing at me….. Keep pointing. I am only stating facts as they are. Those of us that enjoy other people’s suffering and misery are simply old, shrivelling souls that need something just to be. oh well to everyone their own.
Don’t get me wrong i do listen to and watch those shows. But i am always left with a bad taste in my mouth. Wondering why i had to turn on the radio or tv just to see someone’s soul being ripped out of their beings.
Anyhoo, there just might be a solution to all this drama,
1. Cheaters stop cheating.
Then we can all sit back and enjoy what? Mexican soaps hahahahahah (sounds funny even to me) wrestling (by the way what happened to that show?), mke nyumbani ( is she still around?), bla bla bla.
2. Cheatees (hehehehe had to rhyme man) learn to walk away.
Most victims will attest to the fact that they had a gut feeling about what was going on. So rather than be embarassed and told nasty words that may destroy your being, or be embarrased about your skills in the sack or something as bad, just……… WALK AWAY.
3. Viewers and listeners.
We keep watching and listening till someone stops cheating or learns how to walk away…….

As for the ones who haven’t been caught, don’t worry bro/ sis you are a plane crush waiting to happen and the rest of us will laught to kingdom come. Cheatees…….. keep the faith bro/sis a non-liar will come along. Viewers strong comrades…… Hakuna Was(ain’t no trouble)- wonder if that is english. Anyhoo…….. my dear readers won’t we all have a sinless day? Yeah right!