Santa this is my wish…………..

Dear Santa,

I only have one wish today……………… If you could please please please grant it to me before christmas……………………. Do something about blubber mouths, gossips, rumour spreaders.

I find it hard to understand why people spend days on end talking about others. Its hard. Really hard to understand. But before i talk too much i think its only fair if I would give you my definition of  gossip and rumours. But rather than give you the dictionary definition, why don’t we just explore my view? Rumours in my opinion is stories about people which I create in my mind and start spreading without a care of how they will feel about it, proof or basis.   Gossip in my view is a force tale I just pass on for the sake of hurting someone through mocking, dark stares or just plain laughter at the expense of someones feelings. Well I would like a few more definitions. So, if you will please.

Anyway, my problem with gossips and rumour spreaders is the fact that these are people who have the potential to kill just by their tongues. Well I have a fabulous idea Miss/Mr gossip, how about killing the vibe and walking up to your potential victim, looking them in the eye and asking them for the information you need, before you can start talking? Yes I know I sound kind of mad. I wonder how I can avoid being angry when I have been a victim? Don’t get me wrong, I am not gun tooting just because someone decided to give people a few juicy stories about me. No! I wish the stories came from me.  But good thing is the knowledge that he who starts a rumour would pee their pants before they can say a thing to you once confronted. So this is my advice to those two: Mr and Miss Gossip, your kids and anyone else who you have infected with this terrible illness, save your breath, because you will die waiting to see the death of your victim. You will talk all day, and achieve nothing out of it. Try praying, playing or simply taping your mouth shut if you must speak. Jesus help you.

In the meantime Mr/Miss smarty pants I am sending santa my request. Santa don’t forget this christmas…………. Seal their mouths, give them massive brain tumours, haemorrhages, or simply heart attacks as they try to put someones spirit down. Santa dear, do not forget please. I promise to be a good little girl just so you can grant me my hearts wish. Oh please don’t fret my dearie, if you have been spreading some nasty rumours, well Santa’s giving you a little visit. Need to learn to shut your mouths Mr and Miss Perfect, because no one is perfect. In short my sweets, ZEEP IT.


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