Salut Beautiful People

Hi everyone, I wish I knew who my audience is going to be for me to address you properly. But really, if you are not part of everyone, you aren’t reading this.

Well a friend of mine a while ago told me I should consider writing my thoughts and reading them out loud. Not because he thought I am a nut case or a lady who should be in a straight jacket, but because he thought I was wasting my words texting my friends. And after lots of thinking I figured ” this guy might actually be right”! So I stopped texting him. I have since met another friend who said it might be fun. So is it going to be fun? So i owe lots of gratitude to Teddy and Iskender. Thank you guys.

Therefore, my friends my thoughts are gathered and I want to share my world with you. I am doing this for fun. Mine is a very random thought process. So no, I will not follow one train of thoughts. I won’t describe recipes, talk about beauty products, bla bla bla……….  I will jus say what I think. And what i think is driven by the weather, if I had coffee or tea in the morning, if i woke up late or early, if my day is going well or not. Then we can all laugh about it, bitch about it or just think about it.

So lets wait and see how things turn out. See how random my thoughts can get? Baby steps they would say, what would you say?


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