They jus don make ’em like they used to anymore.

Ha! I know those of you who used to listen to country music or still listen to it know a line like that from one of Kenny Rogers songs. But let me not bore you with that right now. I can always come back another day and give you my Kenny Rogers list of favourites and have some of you cry. Funny,  i have this feeling i’d be among those crying and yawning. I’m actually yawning cos i do not understand why i insist on talking about it anymore.

I actually want to take a walk down memory lane….. Won’t you come along see what I see? About a month ago as i was flipping channels and wondering why there was nothing interesting on T V I  stumbled,  (yes that was stumbling) across a movie i watched eons ago, i’d like to think. Seriously this was a 1984 movie production so yes that was a long time ago. Karate Kid. Those of us who saw it raise our hands up! Me! It wasn’t that the movie was that great, I doubt it, but i think for boys, Ralph Macchio‘s style got ’em. For gals though, it was what he represented. The boy had swagger. Damn. Damn. Damn.  Well those were my thoughts from back then. So while on the couch i got a chance to criticise younger me. Looking at the boy who had my heart fluttering and threatening to leave my body (or was it my poor soul?), i was astounded at how unremarkable he looked to me and how  off i must have been back then. Little boy with no muscle to show for it (no offense intended), cute smile, height, nothing, nothing, nothing . So what was making our young blood boil? Oh please don’t get me wrong. See, we were never aroused, we only fell in love. (With my nose held really high). I can almost feel the smiles from those of us who know what i’m saying. The posters were to die for -literally. I assure you i almost did die for one. But the battle of the Titans aside.  So as my popcorn and coca cola went down (yes please this movie had to have all that came with it  then),  i started wondering what happened to those crushes? Oh I know, I grew up. We all grew up! Shute! (I’m learning to use non – abbrasive words, what’s with tots around who have the tendancy to pick up everything like vacuum cleaners)! But we can always go with $%$@#$,  I grew up, we grew up.  That is why we are no longer entertained by simple things, we want to do complicated things. We complain much louder, raise our noses jus a little bit higher so that we can look a little bit more superior, grown up we ar indeed! Why then would you worry what books i read? Where I hang out with my friends? Where i bought my purse? Who does my hair? My darling what i do or what you do shouldn’t matter. Because it never mattered anyway. Not when Ralph Macchio was the only man worth fighting for. ( Despite the fact that he was on a poster) But that really is an aside. The important thing is life is much more simpler when we are younger. When we grow up we complicate things, complicate lives, and forget happiness. And that is why i hate growing up. I became a snotty bitch, with a long beak for a nose to go around raising it at everyone who walks my way. Watch it, only I, am allowed to call myself those names. Damn don’t it feel like one wears wires for clothes?

Watching that movie i found myself still anticipating my favourite scene. And was surprised that it had such an impact on me to this day. But they do no make them like they used to any more. No its not the movie i’m talking about. Its our perceptions of life. We grow up and life’s simplicity fades with the memories. So while i can not get a feeling like the one i got when i was eight. I’m going to let that eight year old critisize me and not the other way. Because she was simple, sweet and smart.

That having been said I hope they hold on to their innocence a little bit longer, they believe in their dreams a little bit longer and keep their teenage  crushes a bit longer.


Salut Beautiful People

Hi everyone, I wish I knew who my audience is going to be for me to address you properly. But really, if you are not part of everyone, you aren’t reading this.

Well a friend of mine a while ago told me I should consider writing my thoughts and reading them out loud. Not because he thought I am a nut case or a lady who should be in a straight jacket, but because he thought I was wasting my words texting my friends. And after lots of thinking I figured ” this guy might actually be right”! So I stopped texting him. I have since met another friend who said it might be fun. So is it going to be fun? So i owe lots of gratitude to Teddy and Iskender. Thank you guys.

Therefore, my friends my thoughts are gathered and I want to share my world with you. I am doing this for fun. Mine is a very random thought process. So no, I will not follow one train of thoughts. I won’t describe recipes, talk about beauty products, bla bla bla……….  I will jus say what I think. And what i think is driven by the weather, if I had coffee or tea in the morning, if i woke up late or early, if my day is going well or not. Then we can all laugh about it, bitch about it or just think about it.

So lets wait and see how things turn out. See how random my thoughts can get? Baby steps they would say, what would you say?